Family Dentistry is an excellent dental system in Hanoi with 4 clinics that provides full of modern physical facilities. We bring patients the safe, effective, high-quality service in reasonable price.Family Dentistry staff have more than 10 years of experience and almost all of them are graduated at Hanoi Medical University… Every year, we are honored to welcome over 10000 patients.

Vision – Mission

Family Dentistry was founded by a team of experienced doctors who are from the top hospitals in Viet Nam such as Hospital of Hanoi Medical University, Bach Mai Hospital, Viet Nam – Cuba Hospital etc. We notice that there is a big gap between the demand of having a beautiful bright smile and the quality of dental clinics, which require high price but the poor outcome, in Hanoi. That is the reason why Family Dentistry was established. With the modern dental system, we expect to bring the best service, high-quality products with an affordable price so that patients can always keep their gorgeous smile.

Our vision in the next 5 years is expanding the system to 10 modern dental clinics which are facilitated by Europe equipment. We strive to become the best dental clinic in Hanoi and bring 1.000.000 healthy smiles to the citizen.

Family Dentistry believes that a confident, pretty smile is what we were born with. Therefore, by providing exceptional quality oral health care, we are willing to bring back your own beautiful smile. In addition, knowing that owning strong teeth and a perfect smile are important elements in pursuing success and happiness, our mission is as a bridge to help you achieve more success in career and be happier in life. About the staff, Family Dentistry strives to create a cozy organizational environment in which employees can motivate each other for work, and a cohesive group. This place will be the second family of each employee and shareholder.